All of our manufactured parts begin with an idea, this idea will be brought to life with the help of our design and manufacturing engineers. Our Design Engineers will support you in the process of creating your product in both 2D and 3D models and ultimately design a functioning mold that will produce your idea.

Our Engineers will ensure your part is designed as efficiently as possible for production and functionality. We will work with you directly to establish your essential features and create functioning models to assist you in the design process. We also offer 3D printed parts that can be made at your request to give you a product that will allow you to truly interact with your idea throughout the process. These prototypes are made to match your part in every aspect so you can have a real experience with your part before its manufactured. From that model we will make the necessary changes and provide suggestions on what would be beneficial to change for the manufacturing process and consumer’s needs. This phase will also consist of choosing the best material for your part. Our team will assist you in choosing the most beneficial and economical material based on your needs. Once we have a final design, 2D or 3D, we will assist you in the tool designing process.

The tool design process will consist of designing a mold with optimal performance, we will consider all of the variables including your part and the material used. This mold will be tailored to fit your needs, economical, precise and high quality. The design process will move along with your approval and input as we move closer to providing a mold that will efficiently produce your part. Our design Engineers will provide a design that will be both efficient and economical, we will make sure that your mold is designed to provide a high-quality part every time. We will also ensure that the mold is designed to work properly for as long as it’s needed to provide your product. Let us know how we can assist you in this process, whether it’s an idea or a model that you have we will ensure that your idea becomes a manufactured product. Please provide your contact information and files in the Get a Quote section.