SWT Injection Molding specializes in providing Tooling solutions at a lower cost and higher efficiency than our competitors. We have solutions for all of your needs, from complex tooling to simple economical molds we can provide the solution needed to bring your product to life. We are a proud Veteran Owned and Operated company that specializes in constructing American Manufactured Products and Molds. We produce molds to fit your quality needs and cost-effective needs.

The mold build process consists of utilizing the previously made mold design and working with both Local and International Tool Shops to provide a quick turnaround rate at a low cost. We will work closely with these shops to ensure the mold is produced to our standards and its produced within a timely manner. Throughout this process we will provide progress updates and make any necessary changes to ensure the mold is built to perform at its best. Once the mold has been constructed, we will provide actual sample parts from the mold itself to get a final approval. This will be the part that will ultimately be mass produced.